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Serious Injuries

Your case matters to Chad. He will defend your rights and properly prove your case in full.

tyler tx board certified personal injury lawyer

Business Litigation

Chad is known for his intelligently aggressive style that gets results which means a good settlement without unnecessary expense.

tyler personal injury attorney

Car Accidents

Chad’s detailed understanding of the medical issues allows him to explain the many ways that the spine can be injured in an accident.

J. Chad Parker is Ready and Eager to Tackle Whatever Tough Personal Injury or Business Litigation You’re Dealing With.

J Chad Parker is known for his cut to the chase straight forward assessment of your case. He welcomes all meritorious claims that individuals, business or corporations may have.  Chad’s goal is for you to be happy with the outcome.  Therefore, J. Chad Parker is up-front and candid about the potential for your recovery, the extent of the expenses that may be incurred so that chances for a successful resolution are increased.  In turn, your expectations are set based on the reality of the litigation climate in East Texas, the laws and regulations applicable to your case, and Chad’s experience with the outcomes in different matters.

Not every lawyer is right for you.  For you to determine that, Chad suggests that you talk with more than one lawyer before making the decision to hire someone to represent you in your personal injury or business litigation matter.  You should be comfortable with the person who is going to represent you before signing a contract.  You should evaluate your potential lawyer as if you were choosing a doctor or hiring a contractor.  Chad’s reputation and past success insure that your case will be resolved as it should be on the merits of your case as oppose to incompetency of the person representing you.

Chad is highly specialized in five areas of Personal Injury.  He has also represented many people, businesses, and companies in business litigation cases.  He is known for taking meritorious cases and enhancing the outcome.  Call Chad and prevent any further damage to you or your business.