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Personal injury lawyer

J. Chad Parker is known for his cut-to-the-chase, straightforward assessment of your case. He welcomes all meritorious injury claims from the most serious to the one that you simply need help resolving. J. Chad Parker’s ultimate goal is for you to be satisfied with the outcome. For you to be satisfied in the end, you have to have a realistic expectation of your case. He will help you get fully compensated for your injuries and make sure you get the proper medical treatment that you need whether you have health insurance or not. His 20 years of experience as an insurance defense lawyer is invaluable in helping you get a successful outcome. His vast trial experience and jury verdicts over the last 26 years make him a formidable opponent for any insurance company that is not treating you fairly.

J. Chad Parker has been board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal specialization since 1998. Not all of the lawyers that are interested in your case are skilled in handling personal injury cases or are even located here locally. You should be comfortable with the person who is going to represent you before signing a contract. J. Chad Parker asks that you give him a chance to talk to you about your case. J. Chad Parker’s reputation and past success ensures that your case will be resolved as it should be on the merits of your case as opposed to the lack of experience of another lawyer.

Chad is highly specialized in multiple areas of personal injury. Those areas include:

  • Oilfield injuries;
  • 18-wheeler wrecks;
  • Wrongful death;
  • Burn injuries; and
  • Car wrecks
J. Chad Parker is known for taking cases big and small because he truly does care what happens to you and that the outcome is fair. Call J. Chad Parker and Don’t Get Hurt Twice!

J. Chad Parker is always ready to tackle whatever personal injury matter that you’re dealing with whether it be big or small.

Tyler, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer


Chad Parker

Chad has been around the law most of his life. His father Jerry Parker was a lawyer for over 40 years in Tyler, Texas. Hard work and preparation are the core values of Chad’s practice. After attending Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Chad then attended and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin before going to South Texas College of Law in Houston. He obtained his license from the State Bar of Texas to practice law in 1993. He obtained his Board certification in personal injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal specialization in 1998.

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Tyler, TX Personal Injury Lawyers



J. Chad Parker understands that many of his clients need help with their property damage including getting a rental car. His office handles all aspects of those issues for you. He understands that transportation allows you to continue to go to work as well as medical visits which ultimately speed your recovery.

J. Chad Parker understands that many people today do not have health insurance or access to medical treatment that is needed. He has arrangements with doctors, care centers, and surgeons around East Texas so that you can get the treatment that you require solely because of the negligent acts of someone else. Those healthcare providers only ask that their bills be paid when the case is concluded.

J. Chad Parker believes that it is important for you to have a lawyer available throughout your case to inform you of the developments and whether or not a lawsuit will need to be filed. His office and staff move quickly after the conclusion of your treatment to obtain all of your medical records and bills so that they can be presented to an insurance company with a demand. J. Chad Parker personally writes or reviews your demand before it goes out to the insurance company which helps ensure that your claim is presented thoroughly and accurately. It also allows J. Chad Parker to identify clients that may need further treatment or have not seen or have not been fully evaluated prior to making a decision on settlement. Since you only have one opportunity to present the totality of your case it must be done thoughtfully, with experience, and knowledge of any potential problems that you may have in the future.

It has been said that a good settlement is no accident. The reputation of your lawyer and the complete development of your case prior to your settlement helps better determine your outcome. J. Chad Parker stands ready to help you in any way that he legally can.