Car Accident J Chad Parker PLLC Tyler TX Lawyer

Car Accidents

Types of accidents in Texas have many reasons and causes due to negligence, DUI, texting and driving, whatever the cause of the accident you deserve justice. LEARN MORE

18 wheeler accidents J Chad Parker PLLC Person Injury Attorney Tyler TX

18 Wheeler Accidents

18 wheelers on the roads and Texas highways are there in ever increasing numbers. The most dangerous wrecks come from where you least expect. Some of these are caused by 18 wheelers. LEARN MORE

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are very different from other types of injuries depending on the extent of the burns. Chad is a lawyer who is able to convey to a jury with demonstrative aids, medical records, testimony, and advocacy what you have been through. LEARN MORE

Oilfield Injuries J Chad Parker PLLC Tyler TX Lawyer

Oilfield Accidents

Most people understand that working in the oilfield is dangerous. J. Chad Parker has tried and settled numerous cases involving oilfield accidents. LEARN MORE

serious injury J Chad Parker PLLC Tyler TX Attorney Lawyer

Serious Injuries

Texas law requires certain proof with regard to the extent and scale of the medical treatment need in the future, as well as the economic effect to you and your family as a wage earner for the remainder of your life. J. Chad Parker will hire the proper experts necessary to help maximize your recovery. LEARN MORE

Business Litigation

A good understanding of the laws and regulations applicable to business relationships is essential to formulating and representing you in your claim. J. Chad Parker provides confident qualified counsel and is able to present the strengths of your case to the opposing side as early as possible. LEARN MORE

Tyler Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog Bites

Dog bite cases can be very complex. Chad is a lawyer who is able to convey to a jury the seriousness of your injuries to maximize your recovery. LEARN MORE