Tyler 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18 wheelers on the roads and Texas highways are there in ever increasing numbers. Trucks that weight up to 80 thousand (80,000) pounds can have catastrophic consequences when an accident occurs.  Those accidents can result in significant damages to an individual and or family.  The cause of the accident must be investigated by an attorney who has a working knowledge of the issues and regulations related to the driver of an 18 wheeler and company.

Vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue, and driver qualification are often important issues in an 18 wheeler accident.  The company’s responsibility to hire, retain, and supervise drivers is another area that must be examined before a case is resolved.  If your lawyer does not know what to look for then most often times it will not be found.  J. Chad Parker has represented 18 wheeler companies over the past twenty years.  Chad has a very good understanding of the Federal Motor Case Safety Regulations and their applicability to the issues in a lawsuit.  The same strategies employed by auto adjusters apply to the commercial driver’s adjuster.  This is why you need J. Chad Parker.  His over twenty years of experience in trucking litigation sets you up to succeed as oppose to fail.  Chad has developed relationships with numerous experts over the years that are essential to proving your case and maximizing your recovery.