Burn Injury Lawyer in Tyler, TX

Burn Injury Lawyer in Tyler

Burn injuries can result from a variety of circumstances.  Burn injuries are also very different from other types of injuries depending on the extent of the burns.  First degree, second degree, and third degree burns can affect your health differently than other serious injuries and will do so into the future.  Besides being disfigured, you could have permanent range of motion issues due to the effect on your skin.  You could also be prevented from being out or working in the sun for any length of time.  These types of injuries can greatly affect your ability to be employed or remain employed in the future.

Burn injuries can result in debridement and potentially skin grafting surgeries.  These procedures can be extremely painful.  Chad is a burn injury lawyer who is able to convey to a jury with demonstrative aids, medical records, testimony, and advocacy what you have been through.  His personal attention to you and your family will allow him to best tell your story.  Chad believes that his personal connection with your case allows him to better represent you and your family’s interest.  Getting an accurate assessment of your future medical needs is essential in formulating in explaining what damages have actually resulted.  Most companies and defendants will often minimize the problems that you may face in the future.  YOUR LAWYER SHOULD BE SKILLED AT PREVENTING THEM FROM IGNORING THE FACTS.  That is why in a burn injury case Chad would ask that you strongly consider a free consultation with him about your case.