Tyler, Texas

Business Litigation Lawyer

J. Chad Parker has represented individuals, businesses, and corporations in disputes for many years.

J. Chad Parker has represented individuals, businesses, and corporations in disputes for many years. The disputes usually revolve around a breach of contract (failure to pay), breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misrepresentation, or a type of fraudulent inducement. A good understanding of the laws and regulations applicable to business relationships is essential to formulating and representing you in your claim.

These types of wrongful actions can affect your personal financial health as well as the health of your business or company. Some chose to do nothing about these transgressions and it often leads to more. J. Chad Parker’s reputation in business litigation is well known by other lawyers. This often forces serious efforts at settlement to take place earlier as oppose to later. THAT CAN SAVE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY IN ATTORNEY’S FEES OVER THE LENGTH OF THE CASE. At the end of the day the attorney’s fees affect your overall recovery. The goal should be to resolve business disputes as quickly as possible. That can only take place with confident qualified counsel who is able to present the strengths of your case to the opposing side as early as possible.

Mr. Parker has represented clients in business disputes involving breach of contracts, ownership interest in companies, oil and gas related issues, and other acts of fraud which has included misrepresentation. Thoughtful consideration should be given before hiring an attorney for a case involving these issues. Chad offers a free consultation to discuss your case. Tyler business litigation attorney J. Chad Parker will give you a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses that he perceives and provides a variety of fee arrangements that can be agreed upon. Those include hourly rates as well as contingent fee recovery, or a combination of both. J. Chad Parker looks forward to talking to you about any business related dispute or transaction that you may have.