East Texas Oilfield Accident Attorney

Most people understand that working in the oilfield is dangerous.  They also understand that people get hurt and when they get hurt often times the injury is serious.  What many lawyers do not understand is how the different companies interact while on location, drilling a well, or in post production activities.  The responsibilities of the different companies are extremely important in determining the fault of a potential Defendant.  Depending on the law and other factors it may severely limit your ability to recover.  Knowing this from the beginning and understanding how an accident may have occurred is essential.  Mr. Parker has a working understanding of what the responsibilities are of the company man, drilling contractor, and various other contractors who interact on location.  Post production activity inclusive of fracking and flowback fits a different set of dangerous circumstances.

J. Chad Parker has tried and settled numerous cases involving oilfield accidents.  He is one of the few attorneys who have actually represented oil and gas companies, company men, and contractors in litigation.  His working knowledge through past representation inclusive of his understanding of the tactics, strategies, and methods of insurance companies creates a much better likelihood that the outcome to you is favorable.  If you are involved in an accident in the oilfield or have questions about whether or not you have rights, then give Chad a call.  He is ready to put his oil and gas industry knowledge with his insurance company knowledge and vast trial experience to fight for maximum compensation for you and your family. Oilfield accidents often cause injuries that prevent a return to the oilfield.   Not only do these accidents significantly affect the physical health but also the financial health of the individual and family.  Talk to Chad, an East Texas Oilfield Accident Attorney, about your case to make a decision to whether or not he is the right lawyer for you or for your specific case.