Tyler Serious Injury Attorney

tyler serious injury attorney
All lawyers are not qualified to handle a serious injury case.  First, the liability of a potential defendant must be identified that caused the harm.  Second, the extent and nature of the injury must be fully understood in order to handle your case properly.  Often times it requires the hiring of experts to determine the extent and nature of your injury, the extent and scale of the medical treatment needed in the future, as well as the economic effect to you and your family as a wage earner for the remainder of your life, if applicable.  Texas law requires certain proof with regard this issues.  Without the proper experts based on a clear understanding of your case, your recovery cannot be maximized.

Your lawyer takes a percentage of your overall recovery minus the expenses.  You want to be comfortable that a lawyer will spend the money necessary to properly prove your case in full.   I TAKE FEWER CASES AND PROVIDE MY PERSONAL ATTENTION TO THEM AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.  That is what each person expects, but unfortunately it is often times not the case.  Avoiding this scenario is exactly why you should talk to Tyler serious injury attorney J. Chad Parker before making a decision when hiring your lawyer.